Friday, April 25, 2014

Another notch in the mom belt

Well, I say you can try to put a worried mother down, you can try to get her out of the way, you can try to put a ton of obstacles in her way, but no matter what you do, there is absolutely no way to stop her.

Rather, there is no stopping me.

In all reality, any child oriented business that wants true and lasting results should find a mom who cares deeply about their cause due to what her child is going through, and they should hire that mom. They should pay her the best money they can afford. Then, step back, and watch the results. Cause, that mom, she will get results. Yep. She will.

My latest notch in the "mom belt" happened yesterday. Exactly 18 years from the day my son was born. I didn't give my son a big birthday party. I didn't give him a car, or an expensive trip abroad. What I gave him was the gift of Guardianship. And, even though my son felt defeated, and probably a part of him felt like he is still in "jail" because he needs to stay in a structured program for a while longer, it is a huge win for our family, AND it is an incredible gift for our son. It allows us to buy more time to allow his brain to mature and heal, for him to continue to recover from the harm caused by his hands, and by the way his brain works that he cannot control. More time for the medication we started him on a year ago to allow his brain to make the necessary connections so he can realize his true potential. Yep, this mom knows best.

Guardianship of a person is not easy to get. I talked with lawyer after lawyer. I hounded every mental service group, and County Mental Health person I could get to speak to me on the phone. I called our local NAMI chapter and asked for referrals. I talked to therapists, psychiatrists, attended Depression support groups, got names, numbers... called departments, chapter presidents, PEOPLE. I told my son's story time and time again. I presented a mountain of evidence. I worked on this nonstop for months. Nobody said they could help me. Nada... nothing. I got nowhere.

And then I called the NAMI chapter in Texas, because that's where my son was located. And, finally, I was put in touch with a mom who is a lawyer, who has a brother and a son who suffer from mental illness, and she said the words I was desperate to hear. She said, "Yes, your son needs help, and yes, I will help you get a Guardianship for your son." And, that's what we did.

So, my son is not yet out of the woods. But today he is good. Today, he returned to the structured program where he did so well last year, and he will finish high school there. He will be allowed to mature in a therapeutic environment, with people who know him, love him, and will continue to support him in the way he needs to be supported. 

And today, my mom heart is so incredibly happy. 


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