Thursday, June 26, 2014

Challenge fear

Yesterday I was fearful. Today I got answers. Now my path is clear, and I can continue moving forward.

I received a phone call yesterday afternoon that caused the pit of worry in my stomach to bubble and boil. By the time evening came around, I was fairly paralyzed by this, but I focused on staying present. So, I sat with the fear. I looked at it sternly, and told it it wasn't going to own me. I reassured myself that I had come through worse things before, and I would come through this one too.  

Life is funny like that. Life throws us curveballs when we least expect it. The trick is in knowing how to respond to the curve. 

For me, staying calm is a necessity. If I become anxious, the planning part of my mind seems to shut down, and I let that tornado of emotion and fear ruin my sanity. Really... who has time for that? When things are going south, and fast, the time to stay sane and grounded is now.

Here's a look at my fear checklist:
 - Listen carefully to what's being told to me. Stop and ask questions in order to get the full scope of what's being said. Make sure to ask if I can call them back should I have further questions later on. Get their phone number if I need to.
 - Allow to feel the emotions that wash over me. Acknowledge that I am fearful, or angry, or whatever the emotion is I'm feeling. Recognize the symptoms my body is eliciting. Accept this, and tell myself this is normal.
 - Tell myself I have nothing to lose by waiting to take action until the morning (when possible).
 - Get a good night sleep, which often involves Tylonal PM. I am not too proud to admit this :o) Nothing good comes from waking up at 3am and lying awake steeped in worry for half the night.
 - In the morning, I often have a very good and workable plan of action. 
 - As soon as possible, put those plans in order. Make those phone calls in a calm, clear manner, and be thankful that the good nights sleep is serving you well. And, that the answers you are getting are a direct result from carefully following these very necessary steps you've taken. Now, there is a new plan of action.

My relief is an amazing feeling! I realize how much I've grown in all of this. And that is a very good thing.

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