Friday, January 15, 2016

An open letter to yourself

I begin each day with a prayer and a deep message of kindness towards those in my life who struggle with self doubt and addiction. I'd like to share my message today. I hope this might help just one someone.

Dear You,

Today it is time for you to be yourself. 

You are the only one who knows the parts of you that need kindness the most, and for this reason, only you can provide this kind of deep kindness that you so need.

Try to be kind to the weak parts of yourself. Be kind to your addictions and your frailties, your mistakes and all of your human parts. Rather than treating these parts of yourself with hatred and disgust, please just take hands with these parts and say, "I am with you, we will make it through this." 

Even though you have stumbled and fallen SO MANY TIMES, today you can choose to put your arm around the broken parts of you. Today, you can look inward and try to heal the deep wounds and cracks in your heart and soul by treating each hurt with care and love. You can do this. 

Just try,  -- just try. BE KIND to ALL of you. Let YOU know that it's gonna be ok, that you are gonna love YOU no matter what as you work through all of this. 

You are so deeply loved.


*inspired by BGC message 1-14-16

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